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SubjectRe: [uml-devel] Re: [RFC] PATCH 3/4 - Time virtualization : PTRACE_SYSCALL_MASK
On Wed, Apr 26, 2006 at 04:26:42PM -0400, Charles P. Wright wrote:
> I have a similar local patch that I've been using. I think it would be
> worthwhile to have an extra bit in the bitmap that says what to do with
> calls that fall outside the range [0, __NR_syscall]. That way the
> ptrace monitor can decide whether it is useful to get informed of these
> "bogus" calls.

The bit needs to be somewhere, but I think sticking it in the syscall
bitmask is a bad idea. Mixing apples and oranges, as it were.
Sticking it in the op is better, even though that's a bit of apples
and oranges as well.

Another alternative would be to make it an option and set it with

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