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    SubjectRe: better leve triggered IRQ management needed
    On Monday 24 April 2006 23:07, you wrote:
    > A long time ago, I had a machine with a 3c509 card that would sometimes

    Heh, I still have this one in my server. :)

    > The fake interrupt could even print out a warning if somebody returns
    > SA_HANDLED (since normally there _shouldn't_ have been any work to handle
    > for it),

    Are you sure this can't race against the hardware?
    Something like this:
    Kernel Hardware
    - generate fake IRQ
    - enter the low level IRQ handling
    - hardware generates an IRQ and
    sets it's IRQ reason registers
    to "I have smthng to do"
    - enter the handler and service
    the IRQ
    - return SA_HANDLED

    Greetings Michael.
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