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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.17-rc2 - notifier chain problem?
Chandra Seetharaman <> wrote:
> Thanks for the steps. With that i was able to reproduce the problem and
> i found the bug.
> While i go ahead and generate the patch, i wanted to hear if my
> conclusion is correct.
> The problem is due to the fact that most notifier registrations
> incorrectly use __devinitdata to define the callback structure, as in:
> static struct notifier_block __devinitdata hrtimers_nb = {
> .notifier_call = hrtimer_cpu_notify,
> };
> devinitdata'd data is not _expected to be available_ after the
> initialization(unless CONFIG_HOTPLUG is defined).
> I do not know how it was working until now :), anybody has a theory that
> can explain it (or my conclusion is wrong) ?

That sounds right. There are several __devinitdata notifier_blocks in the
tree - please be sure to check them all.

btw, it'd be pretty trivial to add runtime checking for this sort of thing:

int addr_in_init_section(void *addr)
return addr >= __init_begin && addr < __init_end;

(need to add __init_end to

then we could use that to check various things in various places...
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