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    SubjectRe: A missing i_mutex in rename? (Linux kernel 2.6.latest)
    On Thu, 20 Apr 2006, Al Viro wrote:
    > On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 01:51:21PM +0100, Anton Altaparmakov wrote:
    > > > - I don't immediately see a race that taking the lock on the victim of
    > > > sys_unlink() solves; however, for symmetry with sys_rmdir(), it seems
    > > > desirable.
    > >
    > > I guess the symmetry thing is fair enough.
    > Not only; it does, among other things, guarantee that fs can assume that
    > ->link() won't race with unlink() (and that link count is protected by
    > ->i_mutex, while we are at it).


    > > ntfs_rename() at the moment looks roughly like this:
    > >
    > > if (target_inode) {
    > > if (S_ISDIR(target_inode->i_mode)
    > > ntfs_rmdir(target_dir_inode, target_dentry);
    > > else
    > > ntfs_unlink(target_dir_inode, target_dentry);
    > > }
    > > mutex_lock(&old_inode->i_mutex);
    > > ntfs_link(old_dentry, target_dir_inode, target_dentry);
    > > ntfs_unlink(old_dir_inode, old_dentry);
    > > mutex_unlock(&old_inode->i_mutex);
    > Have fun dealing with error handling in the above... Note that failing
    > rename() should _NOT_ lead to target disappearing.

    Indeed. But if I do not define a rename operation at all then the mv
    command looses the target if the move fails, too. So I don't see how the
    native rename needs to be any better other than for standards compliance.

    Error recovery is actually pretty easy as if the second ntfs_unlink()
    fails I simply ntfs_unlink() the link I just created with ntfs_link().
    That already works fine. But yes at the moment I do lose the target if
    either the ntfs_link() or the second ntfs_unlink() fails.

    I am planning to fix this though. It is not too hard because I can more
    or less just ntfs_link() it back in (with a few special casings).

    Even if I implement are more "native" rename not using
    ntfs_unlink()/ntfs_link() I still have to remove the target first
    otherwise I cannot insert the new target because you cannot have two
    entries in the B+tree that have identical index keys (the index key is the
    filename itself so the two would be equal). And I cannot simply replace
    the B+tree index entry because NTFS is not case sensitive so the two
    names (old and new) may not be in the same place in the B+tree. The only
    thing I can do is to remove the old B+tree index entry and add the new one
    after that fact. So no matter what I do, I have to be able to recreate
    the old index entry and that is just what ntfs_link() does which is why
    I chose my "simplified rename" approach in the first place.

    Thanks a lot for you comments about the locking!

    Best regards,

    Anton Altaparmakov <aia21 at> (replace at with @)
    Unix Support, Computing Service, University of Cambridge, CB2 3QH, UK
    Linux NTFS maintainer,
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