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    SubjectRe: Which process is associated with process ID 0 (swapper)
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    linux-os (Dick Johnson) wrote:
    > This must be a trick question. Linux is not VAX/VMS. There is no
    > swapper process. Check in /proc. Processes start at 1. Even
    > kernel threads have PIDs greater than 1.

    Linux really has swapper process ;)

    > Portions of the kernel networking code operate detached. The code
    > gets the CPU from a timer queue or from an interrupt. When an
    > connection is attempted, the process attempting the connection
    > is either waiting, with its CPU time being used, or put to
    > sleep, while the timer queue's CPU time is being used. The
    > SYN/ACK handshake is handled during this time, therefore it
    > is possible to find who is attempting that connection. Netstat
    > gets that information from /proc/net and multiple socket
    > calls.

    I'm writing kernel module that hooks into netfilter code. I can catch
    packet's information and its owner process. The first SYN packet of
    handshaking belongs to real user-space socket/process. After timeout,
    several SYN packets are generated by kernel-space swapper process (PID
    0) Is there anyway to find out the relationship between them in
    _kernel_space_ (module context).

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