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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.17-rc2
On Wed, Apr 19 2006, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> There are some other buffer management system calls that I haven't done
> yet (and when I say "I haven't done yet", I obviously mean "that I hope
> some other sucker will do for me, since I'm lazy"), but that are obvious
> future extensions:

Well it's worked so far, hasn't it? :-)

> - an ioctl/fcntl to set the maximum size of the buffer. Right now it's
> hardcoded to 16 "buffer entries" (which in turn are normally limited to
> one page each, although there's nothing that _requires_ that a buffer
> entry always be a page).

This is on a TODO, but not very high up since I've yet to see a case
where the current 16 page limitation is an issue. I'm sure something
will come up eventually, but until then I'd rather not bother.

> - vmsplice() system call to basically do a "write to the buffer", but
> using the reference counting and VM traversal to actually fill the
> buffer. This means that the user needs to be careful not to re-use the
> user-space buffer it spliced into the kernel-space one (contrast this
> to "write()", which copies the actual data, and you can thus re-use the
> buffer immediately after a successful write), but that is often easy to
> do.

This I already did, it was pretty easy and straight forward. I'll post
it soonish.

Jens Axboe

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