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    SubjectRe: Black box flight recorder for Linux

    (Cc to lm-sensors list).

    > Yes, that could be used, too. It would be a bit more complicated as
    > different VGA cards use different access methods (i.e., different
    > I/O port and bit numbers). X11 drivers probably know how to drive it.

    BTW: I just soldered a 24C64 I^2C EEPROM (the largest I could find
    at home but 24C512 (64 KB) and even 24C1024 (128 KB) are available
    on the market) to a connector and connected it to SMBus on my Asus
    A7V333 mobo. I don't have code to write "printk" messages to it yet
    but will look at it sometime.

    Interesting: i2cdetect and friends can only find a custom Asus sensors
    chip on this bus (ASB100 chip at addresses 0x2D, 0x48 and 0x49) - and
    now my 24C64 at 0x57 (config address 7 = all ones). But the BIOS POST
    searches and finds more devices: there is something at 0x2F, 0x69, and
    there are (I think) DDR SDRAM EEPROMs and 0x51 and 0x52 (0x50 is an
    empty DIMM slot). Got this info with my "DIY" logic analyzer. I think
    the BIOS POST disconnects somehow the devices before loading the OS
    (in order to prevent data damage?).

    No wonder my first attempt with 24C16 which occupies all 0x50 - 0x57
    addresses had to fail.

    I think VGA monitors respond (at least?) at 0x50 address so
    a 16-bit-addressable EEPROM (at least not larger than 24C2048 which
    IMHO aren't yet available) with all-ones I^2C address selected
    should do as well if connected to VGA/DVI I^2C/ACCESS.bus.
    Krzysztof Halasa
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