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    SubjectRe: 3w-9xxx status in kernel
    Martin Honermeyer a écrit :
    > We are having performance problems using a 9550SX controller. Read
    > throughput (measured with hdparm) is worse than on a Desktop system.
    We are
    > considering trying to replace it with the newest driver from

    I saw somewhere in the knowledgebase on there website that 2.26.02 is
    newer than 2.26.04.

    anyway :

    Don't test using hdparm, it doesn't works (I don't know why). Test using
    bonnie++. I have 100MB/s throughput reading and writing on a 9550SX-12.
    hdparm says 7MB/s.

    Hope it helps.

    Stéphane Jourdois.

    /// Stephane Jourdois /"\ ASCII RIBBON CAMPAIGN \\\
    ((( Consultant securite \ / AGAINST HTML MAIL )))
    \\\ 24 rue Cauchy X ///
    \\\ 75015 Paris / \ +33 6 8643 3085 ///
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