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SubjectRe: [Fireflier-devel] Re: [RESEND][RFC][PATCH 2/7] implementation of LSM hooks
On Tuesday 18 April 2006 22:50, Arjan van de Ven wrote:
> I would suspect that the "filename" thing will be the biggest achilles
> heel...
> after all what does filename mean in a linux world with
> * hardlinks
> * chroot
> * namespaces
> * bind mounts
> * unlink of open files
> * fd passing over unix sockets
> * relative pathnames
> * multiple threads (where one can unlink+replace file while the other is
> in the validation code)

FYI fireflier v1.1.x created rules based on filenames.
In the current version we intended to use mountpoint+inode to identify
programs. This reduces the potential problems from your list to: fd passing.

Can't AppArmor use inodes in addition to filenames to implement its rules?
The user could still make its choice based on a "filename" (in an interactive
userspace program), but by storing additional info along with the filename in
the rules it would at least uniquely identify the program.
(P.S.: I don't know how apparmor works, so what i said might not be directly

Note, that since fireflier is going to use SELinux (as soon as I get the
policy done) program identification isn't shouldn't be a problem for
fireflier, but we still have two alternatives:

- use extended attributes to label files, using selinux's setfiles. Most
secure option IMHO
(BTW can SELinux be told to use another xattr instead of security.selinux?
Purpose: having multiple policies, and switching between them without the
need to relabel, i.e. switching between a distro-provided policy/ a custom
policy/ a fireflier generated policy)

- store rules based on mountpoint+inode+program hash/checksum, and then get
selinux to label files according to this. Not sure how to do this, and if it
is worth at all

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