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SubjectRe: menuconfig search (Re: [rfc] fix Kconfig, hotplug_cpu is needed for swsusp)

>> I.e. strip the Defined and Depends lines and crunch the Location lines inasfar
>> as that the full width of the window is used (break at col 70).
>I don't see any need to limit it to 70 columns wide. It knows how to
>scroll left/right (using arrow keys).
Not because it does not know how to horizontally scroll, but because it
takes quite some time for the user to scroll left/right. There's no Home or
End key for the horizontal direction.

>I don't know if we are converging any, but I made a new patch:

Yes, this one looks good and satisfies me.

Acked-by: Jan Engelhardt <>

Jan Engelhardt
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