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    SubjectRe: Handling devices that don't have a bus
    On Saturday 01 April 2006 8:46 am, Alan Stern wrote:

    > I think you have misunderstood my point. Yes, devices are part of the
    > platform bus only if they explicitly want to be. My point was that even
    > though they _do_ want to be on the platform bus,

    I'm not clear on why it would want to be on the platform bus;
    what would its inner platform-ness consist of?

    There really isn't a "bus" that makes much sense for such a
    singleton device to sit on.

    > in this situation they
    > _can't_ because they are forced to register a struct device, not a struct
    > platform_device. The choice is not up to the driver; it is determined by
    > the USB Gadget framework.

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