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SubjectRe: [PATCH] reduce syslog clutter (take 2)
Tilman Schmidt <> wrote:
> The current versions of the err() / info() / warn() syslog macros
> insert __FILE__ at the beginning of the message, which expands to
> the complete path name of the source file within the kernel tree.
> With the following patch, when used in a module, they'll insert the
> module name instead, which is significantly shorter and also tends to
> be more useful to users trying to make sense of a particular message.

Personally, I prefer to see filenames. Or function names. Sometimes it's
rather unobvious how to go from module name to filename, due to a) multiple
.o files being linked together, b) subsystems which insist on #including .c
files in .c files (usb...) and c) the module system's cute habit of
replacing underscores with dashes in module names.

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