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SubjectRe: Revenge of the sysfs maintainer! (was Re: [PATCH 8 of 20] ipath - sysfs support for core driver)
On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 17:00 -0800, Greg KH wrote:

> They are in the latest -mm tree if you wish to use them. Unfortunatly
> it might look like they will not work out, due to the per-cpu relay
> files not working properly with Paul's patches at the moment.

Hmm, OK.

> What's wrong with debugfs?

It's not configured into the kernels of either of the distros I use (Red
Hat or SUSE). I can't have a required part of my driver depend on a
feature that's not enabled in the major distro kernels.

I'd like a mechanism that is (a) always there (b) easy for kernel to use
and (c) easy for userspace to use. A sysfs file satisfies a, b, and c,
but I can't use it; a sysfs bin file satisfies all three (a bit worse on
b), but I can't use it; debugfs isn't there, so I can't use it.

That leaves me with few options, I think. What do you suggest? (Please
don't say netlink.)


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