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    SubjectRe: How can I link the kernel with libgcc ?
    Carlos Munoz wrote:

    > Lee Revell wrote:
    >> On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 20:45 -0500, wrote:
    >>> On Thu, 09 Mar 2006 17:44:16 PST, Carlos Munoz said:
    >>>> I'm writing an audio driver and the hardware requires floating
    >>>> point arithmetic. When I build the kernel I get the following
    >>>> errors at link time:
    >>> Tough break, that. You sure you can't figure a way to either push the
    >>> floating point out to userspace
    >> Audio drivers should never have to directly manipulate the samples -
    >> they just manage the DMA buffers and interrupts and wake up the process
    >> at the right time. Mixing, routing, volume control, DSP go in
    >> userspace.
    >> Lee
    > Hi Lee,
    > Unfortunately, the driver needs to populate several coefficient tables
    > for the hardware to perform silence suppression and other advance
    > features. The values for these tables are calculated using log10
    > operations. I don't see a clean way to push these operations to user
    > space without the need for custom applications that build the tables
    > and pass them to the driver.
    > Thanks,
    > Carlos Munoz

    I figured out how to get the driver to use floating point operations. I
    included source code (from an open source math library) for the log10
    function in the driver. Then I added the following lines to the file


    Everything works now.


    Carlos Munoz
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