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SubjectRE: [future of drivers?] a proposal for binary drivers.

> > > What is linux-specific in this context is that many people, like
> > > myself, who have contributed code to the kernel under the GPL *don't
> > > want* their code to be used in non-free software, period. Someone who
> > > wants to leverage my work needs to do it under the terms that I allow.
> > > That is the law. Whining is not going to change my mind.
> >
> > I'm sorry, that's not the law. You can wish it was, but
> > it's not.
> >
> > If the law allowed you to give your software away for
> > free and then put
> > restrictions on use, you could drop copies of a poem from an
> > airplane (or
> > put it up on a billboard) and then demand royalties from
> > everyone who read
> > it.

> We don't give away our software for free,

Yes, you do. You can receive a copy of the Linux kernel without paying any
fee or agreeing to any license. You do in fact give away the software for

> we give it away under the
> terms of the GPL,

That is true. However, the GPL can only grant additional rights, it cannot
take any away.

> you must abide by the terms of the GPL to use it.

No, that's not true. The law permits the normal expected use simply by
acquiring a copy of the work lawfully. Otherwise, you could buy a book and
then discover that you still had to pay a royalty to read it. Or you could
put a poem on a billboard and sue anyone who read it.

> that is the law, you can wish it wasn't but it is.

You might try *reading* the law sometime.


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