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    SubjectRe: [future of drivers?] a proposal for binary drivers.
    On Wednesday 08 March 2006 09:35, Anshuman Gholap wrote:
    > 1) The people who have control over linux kernel as of now are
    > countable on hands but cannot be held countable for work cause they do
    > it as hobby/"insert anything which says working for free", now for a
    > peice of code like linux kernel, such kind of aloofness regarding
    > manpower and kind_of nazism in not allowing others to dynamically
    > get_work_done (like binary driver) seems totally wrong.

    Binary drivers are no more "work" than robbing a bank is. It is making a
    profit through cheating people, which is of course what is truly wrong.

    > 2) there are two possibilities here, a) linus and co can gather in a
    > building pay all intellects and allow fast driver developments, b)
    > allow binary drivers to work with linux kernel dynamically(with their
    > own license what they choose).

    Or Linux can remain GPL'd, which prohibits binary drivers *legally*, and back
    this by keeping a non-stable API which prohibits binary drivers

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