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SubjectRe: using usblp with ppdev?
> But if you want to play around and verify this, try modifying the USB
> device table in the drivers/usb/misc/uss720.c file (look for the
> structure called "uss720_table" and add a new entry with the vendor and
> product id of your device there.)
Well, it seems the device doesn't like the driver or vice-verse. When
added entry to the uss720_table, /proc/bus/usb/devices reports that
the device is being handled by this driver, but when I plug the device
in, dmesg gets full of error reports, and the device file doesn't
appear in /dev . Now, my question is: is the cable named "usb to
parallel cable" an interface that converts classic printer to usb
printer? Shouldn't it be rather a real usb to parallel cable? Is it
some kind of protocol limitation that the device is unable to perform
per-pin i/o tasks or maybe the protocol isn't simply fully
implemented by the device? Or maybe I should use some another protocol
(and driver) to use advanced (?) functions? The uss720 driver
complains about usb error -32 (like: get_1284_register: usb error -32
[but: async_complete: urb error -32 - shouldn't it be USB error? a

thanks for help

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