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    SubjectRe: LibPATA code issues /
    Mark Lord wrote:
    > David Greaves wrote:
    >> Just FYI - I'm away (in Canada) for 2 weeks so can't do any additional
    >> testing until I return.
    > Am I correct, in that your last test on rc5-git4 was a failure?
    It was *much* better than rc4 but it did have an error.
    I *think* the problem I'm seeing is likely to be similar to the one I
    orginally reported (on 2.6.15 IIRC)
    Same sporadic warning/error which didn't usually trigger the
    raid-boot-the-disk behaviour that the FUA code seemed to.
    > But without the "opcode" display in the error messages,
    > so we have no idea exactly what caused the errors (again!)?
    Yes. I thought the/a opcode-verbose patch was in there but I guess not.
    I don't have remote console access to the machine so wouldn't be able to
    carry out reliable kernel tests - sorry.
    Of course I'll do this as soon as I return.
    > [Whatcha doin up here?]
    [:) 2weeks skiing in Whistler (this time - 10 days canadian canoeing in
    Algonquin last time!)
    Canada's great !!]


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