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Subject[PATCH 00/16] RTC subsystem

RTC subsystem.

Original RFC available at

Changelog. Between parentheses is the name
of the person that suggested the change.

- Changed the Makefile to be dependent on
CONFIG_RTC_LIB (Adrian Bunk)

- Added RTC driver for the EP93XX

- CONFIG_RTC_CLASS defaults to n (Grant Coady)

The following patches have been incorporated:

- Fix some namespace conflicts between the RTC subsystem and the ARM
Integrator time functions (Richard Purdie)

- ARM SA1100/PXA2XX driver. (Richard Purdie)

The following items are in the TODO:

- Documentation of exported functions
- Handling of max_user_freq
- 11 min ntp update mode


Best regards,

Alessandro Zummo,
Tower Technologies - Turin, Italy

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