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SubjectRe: [patch 0/14] s3c2412/s3c2413 support

> >Ahha, it is actually arm derivative. Still it would be
> >nice to have
> >better name.

> Well, we could ask samsung to rename their range, but i
> doubt they will do so. Actually, there are a lot of these
> platforms already defined, eg s3c2410, s3c2440, s3c2400,
> etc..

Do they have codenames that could actually be pronounced? I doubt
Samsung actually calls them s3c2410 internally.

(Support for sharp zaurus sl-5500 is called 'collie'. You can
pronounce that, and it is code name for that machine...)

> But now that you mention it, i could have been more clear
> about this, stating that it was a Samsung ARM processor.
> Sorry about that, i don't think the issue is worth
> reposting the entire patchset or am i mistaken?

No, not worth repost, thanks for info.

Thanks, Sharp!
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