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SubjectRe: 2.6.16-rc5-mm2

Am Sonntag 05 März 2006 09:34 schrieb Andrew Morton:

> That check was changed from
> "If this STA doesn't use WPA and that AP does, then bale"
> into
> "If this STA does use WPA and that AP doesn't then bale".
> So a theory would be that your AP isn't filling in those WPA length fields.
> I see no reason why we should permit that to disable WEP?

problem is that wpa_supplicant needs to set wpa_enabled unconditionally, so
with this change it hasn't been possible to connect to non-WPA networks
using WPA supplicant. For the discussion on the IPW list, see .

1.0.12 fixes this by removing the check entirely. James: Does it makes sense
for you to push 1.1.0 out to netdev soon, or better just the fix for this?

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