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SubjectRe: [PATCH][RFC] splice support
Jens Axboe <> wrote:
> > > Right now "flags" doesn't do anything at all, and you should just pass in
> > > zero.
> >
> > In that case perhaps we should be enforcing flags==0 so that future
> > flags-using applications will reliably fail on old flags-not-understanding
> > kernels.
> >
> > But that won't work if we later define a bit in flags to mean "behave like
> > old kernels used to". So perhaps we should require that bits 0-15 of
> > `flags' be zero and not care about bits 16-31.
> >
> > IOW: it might be best to make `flags' just go away, and add new syscalls in
> > the future as appropriate.
> Not if flags == 0 maintains the same behaviour. The only flag I can
> think of right now is the 'move' or 'gift' flag, meaning that the caller
> wants to migrate pages from the pipe instead of copying them. I'd
> imagine we'd get that in way before 2.6.17 anyways, so I think we're
> fine.

OK.. Do you plan to make it reject unrecognised flags?
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