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SubjectRe: 2.6.16-rc5: known regressions
>> I'll try it, although I don't think I'll get any data on the problem.
>> The unmodified DSDT (bios 1.11) lacks an S3 sleep object, so I had to
>> modify the DSDT even to get S3 to sleep at all. See
>> <> for that discussion.

> I think it's arguably a bit extreme to describe "My setup is so
> unsupported that I had to modify my firmware to enable sleep and then
> override the kernel's sanity checks and it's stopped working with
> 2.6.16" as a regression.

I agree, and that was the point of 'picture of me hanging head in
shame', so there's no need to rub it in.

Anyway, the TP600X w/ vanilla DSDT *was* unsupported (circa 2.6.11),
but now the ACPI interpreter can interpret the vanilla DSDT and go
into S3 sleep (before, it would complain about a missing S3 sleep
object because the DSDT used a funny syntax). There were other
problems in the vanilla DSDT (e.g. probably using fn-F7 to switch to
an external display doesn't work) but I'll investigate them one at a


`Never underestimate the evil of which men of power are capable.'
--Bertrand Russell, _War Crimes in Vietnam_, chapter 1.
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