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SubjectRe: Lifetime of flash memory
"linux-os \(Dick Johnson\)" <> writes:

> On Mon, 27 Mar 2006, Sergei Organov wrote:
>> "linux-os \(Dick Johnson\)" <> writes:
>> [...]
>>> CompactFlash(tm) like SanDisk(tm) has very good R/W characteristics.
>> Try to write 512-byte sectors in random order, and I'm sure write
>> characteristics won't be that good.
>>> It consists of a connector that exactly emulates an IDE drive connector
>>> in miniature, an interface controller that emulates and responds to
>>> most IDE commands, plus a method of performing reads and writes using
>>> static RAM buffers and permanent storage in NVRAM.
>> Are you sure they do have NVRAM? What kind of NVRAM? Do they have backup
>> battery inside to keep NVRAM alive?
> NVRAM means [N]on-[V]olatile-[RAM]. Any of many types, currently NAND flash.
> No battery required.

But NAND FLASH, while it is NV(Non-Volatile) *is not* RAM (Random Access
Memory), sorry. So it seems there is no NVRAM inside CFs, right?

-- Sergei.
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