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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Move SG_GET_SCSI_ID from sg to scsi
Bodo Eggert schrieb am 2006-03-27:

> As I understand, having a /dev/sd0815 corresponding to a /dev/sg4711 is
> the root of all evil and idiotic things, and moving all sg functions into
> the apropiate place is the sane thing to do.
> This patch is a part of the process, and as soon as all sg functions are
> available using /dev/s[dtr]*, the corresponding sg devices should be
> deprecated and removed.

Oh, I hear Schilling wailing...

Seriously, at the time such changes are committed, a good manual for how
user-space applications are to be upgraded wouldn't hurt, and I am
indeed proposing that those familiar with the code should write it -
perhaps when porting an existing application to the new interfaces.

Matthias Andree
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