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SubjectRe: Random GCC segfaults -- Was: [2.6.16] slab error in slab_destroy_objs(): cache `radix_tree_node'...
On Tue, 28 Mar 2006 00:41:37 -0800
Andrew Morton <> wrote:

> If those errors had no corresponding kernel messages then what you have is
> a classic symptom of failing memory hardware. Suggest you grab memtest86,
> run it for 24 hours.

I've already run memtest86+ for hours (not 24 ok... "only" 4/5h) and I
found this:

An easly reproducilble memory failure (single bit flipping always at
the same address) <---- this one goes AWAY disabling bank interleaving
in BIOS.

Another memory failure (different address, always one bit flipping)
isn't found by memtest86+: I found it with CONFIG_DEBUG_SLAB and
I "fixed" it with memmap=... boot option.

Now, these 2 problems are both in my first 256MB memory module, so maybe
it is really another memory failure.

BUT now that I'm back on I'm compiling a LOT of big CPP
projects and I haven't seen a single GCC segfault yet.

Maybe I should retry with 2.6.16 and if I can reproduce the problem I
can start testing 2.6.16-rc1 and so on...

Paolo Ornati
Linux on x86_64
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