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SubjectRe: e2label suggestions
Theodore Ts'o wrote:

>On Tue, Mar 28, 2006 at 06:18:08PM -0700, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:
>>Thanks for verifying it is passed through the kernel to initrd, another
>>kernel component. It's also stored as EXT meta data
>>(also in the kernel). and retrieved from there. And its not accessible
>>from normal user space applications (except in raw mode).
>No, the contents of initrd/initramfs is not shipped as part of a
>standard kernel. It is the responsibility of each
>distribution to set up their initrd or initramfs initial boot scripts
>themselves. One could argue that it would be better if there were a
>standard set of initrd scripts (and udev binaries) paired with
>specific kernels and used by all distro's, but that's not
>where we are right now.

>The data is most certainly accessible from normal userspace
>applications. All they have to do is link against blkid library;
All you need is a degree from MIT in advanced Fusion mechanics. :-)

>indeed the kernel doesn't do any LABEL= or UUID= searching at all. By
>design, it all supposed to be done in userspace.


I give up on this one. I also agree a standardized initrd with built in
init is a great idea.



> - Ted

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