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SubjectRe: scheduler starvation resistance patches for 2.6.16
On Mon, 2006-03-27 at 21:36 +0300, Al Boldi wrote:
> It's not bad. w/ credit_c1/2 set to 0 results in an improvement in running
> the MESA demos "# gears & reflect & morph3d" .

Hmm. That's unexpected.

> But a simple "# while :; do :; done &" (10x) makes a "# ping 10.1 -A -s8"
> choke.

Ouch, so is that. But thanks, testcases are great. I'll look into it.

> Can you post a modified patch that will apply to 2.6.16-rt10 as well?

Heh, it so happens I got curious about something Ingo said about PI
boosting, so made a set yesterday. You're welcome to them, but don't
bug Ingo with any results from a tree including them. They're not
heavily tested, but do seem to work.

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