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Subjectboot hang in 2.6.16-rt[7-10]
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I'm seeing a boot hang in the latest -rt series (from -rt7 to current
- -rt10), on an Athlon64x2 (3800+). The kernel loads and boots up to
calibrate_migration_costs then hangs. I'd give some console output,
except that in their infinite wisdom, Gateway decided that this system
didn't need a serial port. Gah...

I've prink'ed my way down into where measure_one tries to migrate a
thread from cpu0 to cpu1 and calls set_cpus_allowed, where it then
tries to wake the migration thread by calling wake_up_process, which
just calls try_to_wake_up. Strangely, I see multiple printks from
try_to_wake_up (like it's running multiple times) and the last print I
see is that I'm returning a 1 from wake_up_process. Nothing after that.

I'd really like to see the boot messages before all those printk's
I've scattered in sched.c, so I'm investigating using the parallel
port as a console and just spewing that output into an xterm on the
other end. Never done it before so I'm bumping my head against the
wall a bit. Any advice would be appreciated.


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