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SubjectRandom GCC segfaults -- Was: [2.6.16] slab error in slab_destroy_objs(): cache `radix_tree_node'...
On Sun, 26 Mar 2006 21:53:46 +0200
Paolo Ornati <> wrote:

> PS: I've got another "gcc segfault" trying to build Qt again after a
> reboot but I don't think this is a memory problem (actually I have
> a memory problem (single bit error) but it should be cured with
> memmap=1K$214014K ;).

I've got others NON reproducible gcc segfaults, usually compiling some
huge CPP source.

Now I'm back to and I'm stress testing GCC, no segfaults so

Doing a git-bisect is maybe possible... but it will take ages since I
don't have a test case :(!

Additionally there's the slab error (seen just one time)...

If anyone have some idea like try-to-revert-this-patch let me know.

Paolo Ornati
Linux on x86_64
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