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SubjectRe: [PATCH] PoC "make xconfig" Search Facility
On Mon, 27 Mar 2006 21:50:41 +0200 Shlomi Fish wrote:

> Hi all!
> [ I'm not subscribed to this list so please CC me on your replies. ]
> This patch adds a proof-of-concept search facility to "make xconfig". Current
> problems and limitations:
> 1. Only case-insensitive single-substring search is supported.
> 2. The style is completely wrong, as I could not find a suitable vim
> configuration for editing Linux kernel source (and Google was not help). If
> anyone can refer me to one, I'll be grateful.

I don't know of a vim config for kernel source code.
Just read/use Documentation/CodingStyle, although for this code that probably
doesn't matter so much (since this isn't kernel run-time code).

> 3. At the moment the results are displayed in a listbox as text. One cannot go
> from the result node to the place to toggle it in the configuration. (much
> less from one of it ancessorts)
> But it works!
> The patch is against kernel 2.6.16-git13.
> Comments, suggestions, corrections, and flames are welcome.

Thanks. It's useful and a good start.

A one-line comment about how to invoke it would have been nice:
Use Edit/Find or Ctrl-F to invoke the search (find) tool.

To be really useful it needs to display items that SELECT the search string
IMO. Look at how menuconfig can do that.

E.g., for FW_LOADER (my favorite because it keeps me from disabling HOTPLUG
so often), using /FW_LOADER in menuconfig tells me what SELECTs FW_LOADER
as well as where it's defined.

Being able to enter more queries without leaving the dialog box is nice/good.

Oh, and patches should apply with 'patch -p1' (i.e., their filenames should
begin with linux-tree/scripts/ etc., not with scripts/*).

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