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SubjectRe: procfs question
yenganti pradeep wrote:
> Hi,


> I've created a new entry under /proc, to make tests.
> I've defined an static int var=0;
> Then I link my proc entry read function to a function
> that only performs this:
> int length;
> length=sprintf(page,"Value %d",var++);
> return length;
> But when I cat/vi the file continuosly I get:
> Value 0
> Value 3
> Value 6
> etc...
> Why is this three numbers increment?

'cat' will issue a read for more bytes than your function provides. As
this read isn't fully satisfied it will issue another read for the rest
at a different offset, etc. So your function gets called several times.

Just do a 'strace' on 'cat' to see what 'cat' really does. For more
details search for the thread 'procfs uglyness caused by "cat"'.

Your read function really shouldn't have side effects...

Paulo Marques -

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