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Subjectrealtime-preempt 2.6.16-rt7-10 bug?
i've compiled the 2.6.16 kernel with the realtime-preempt patches, but
have run into some problems while using Ardour for realtime audio.
Ardour crashes whenever i stop recording, and after running dmesg i'm
suspecting a bug in the realtime patch (i've tried rt7 and rt10, both
have the same problem):

ardour:2843 userspace BUG: scheduling in user-atomic context!
[<c03731d8>] schedule+0x108/0x130 (8)
[<c037320e>] io_schedule+0xe/0x20 (36)
[<c016518b>] sync_buffer+0x3b/0x50 (8)
[<c0373795>] __wait_on_bit+0x45/0x70 (12)
[<c0165150>] sync_buffer+0x0/0x50 (8)
[<c0165150>] sync_buffer+0x0/0x50 (12)
[<c037383d>] out_of_line_wait_on_bit+0x7d/0x90 (8)
[<c012eaf0>] wake_bit_function+0x0/0x60 (24)
[<c016804d>] __bread+0x8d/0xc0 (24)
[<c01d6c56>] ext3_free_branches+0x96/0x250 (20)
[<c01d936a>] ext3_truncate+0x97a/0xa20 (60)
[<c011556c>] __wake_up+0x3c/0x70 (20)
[<c01e7d79>] journal_start+0x109/0x140 (64)
[<c0135ef7>] rt_up+0x27/0x40 (20)
[<c01d60d4>] start_transaction+0x24/0x60 (24)
[<c01d9506>] ext3_delete_inode+0xf6/0x130 (24)
[<c01d9410>] ext3_delete_inode+0x0/0x130 (16)
[<c017ea69>] generic_delete_inode+0x69/0x110 (8)
[<c0174586>] do_unlinkat+0x116/0x140 (24)
[<c0163972>] sys_write+0x72/0x80 (56)
[<c0102eff>] sysenter_past_esp+0x54/0x75 (40)

please CC any comments or requests for more info to me ...



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