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SubjectSuspend2-2.2.2 for 2.6.16.
Hi everyone.

Suspend2, version 2.2.2 is now available from

This is the first stable release since switching to sharing the lowlevel code
with swsusp. It means that I'm now more dependent on Rafael and Pavel not
changing things in an incompatible way, but it is a gain in that it reduces
the amount of code that needs to be maintained by approximately 1000 lines.

Since I announced my new job a few weeks ago, the impetus to seek to merge
Suspend2 has been renewed. I'm currently building a git tree to this end.
It's not yet publicly available because I'm using stgit and am sometimes
modifying earlier patches in the series and rebasing it against later
versions of Linus' tree, but once it's done, I'll let people know where to
find it.


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