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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 0/2] KABI example conversion and cleanup
On Mar 26, 2006, at 18:06:48, Eric Piel wrote:
> The real problem of sharing the same headers between kernel and
> KABI is that it will end up by having to re-implement the "#ifdef
> __KERNEL__"'s. Have a look at Kyle's second patch "Generalize
> fd_set handling across architectures". Some headers had a different
> version of the __FD_*() macros depending on the compiler. That's
> something you may want to have in the implementation but definitely
> not in the specification.

Actually, I think it's the other way around. The <kabi/*.h> files
should (eventually) be useable in basically any compilation
environment thrown at it. This means it should work from C and C++,
using GCC, ICC, or some custom barely-standards-compliant compiler.
I didn't bother with that part right now, since I still want to try
to reuse the generic bitops if possible, but it's something I plan to
address in future versions of the patchset (see below).

> In this situation, Kyle handled it nicely by writing versions
> compatible with any compiler.

Eh, not really. "__inline__" is GCC-specific and probably won't work
in other compilers (unless you did "#define __inline__", which would
bloat the code a lot).

This case highlights something else I'd like to do. A good chunk of
the functionality in the Linux kernel works both in userspace and
kernelspace, and some of those arch-specific primitives (like the
inline bitops) would be useful in defining the kabi headers.
According to Jeff Dike, UML would like access to some of that stuff
unrestricted by __KERNEL__ too. In all of those cases, it's not an
ABI and all the users are in-kernel so it could be changed at will.
I'd like to try to put some of that into a "klib" directory (though
with dependencies crossing between kabi and klib) so that it could be
used in kabi and UML without duplicating functionality. Naturally
much of that would be C-only and depend on GCC, but I would have to
be careful that the kabi portions used least-common-denominator

That brings up one final point: Does anybody actually use any
compilers on Linux other than GCC?

Kyle Moffett

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