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    SubjectRe: Two comments on the H.323 conntrack/NAT helper
    [The hotmail address of the author doesn't work, CCed sourceforge-address]

    Adrian Bunk wrote:
    > Two comments on the H.323 conntrack/NAT helper:
    > - the function prototypes in ip_nat_helper_h323.c are _ugly_,
    > please move them to a header file

    Their ugliness is because of the current API, which cleaned up
    quite a lot of the surrounding code, but requires this ugliness
    from each helper. I would like to keep them visible as a reminder
    that a cleaner solution is wanted, but moving them to header
    files certainly sound like a good idea to eliminate the risk
    of prototype conflicts. But please do this for all helpers
    at once.

    > - is there a reason for not using EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL?

    I would prefer that too.
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