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SubjectRe: New Areca driver in 2.6.16-rc6-mm2
On Tue, Mar 21, 2006 at 11:49:32PM +0000, Chris Caputo wrote:
> On Sun, 19 Mar 2006, Dax Kelson wrote:
> > On Sat, 18 Mar 2006, Andrew Morton wrote:
> > > SCSI fixes
> > >
> > > +areca-raid-linux-scsi-driver-update4.patch
> > >
> > > Update areca-raid-linux-scsi-driver.patch
> >
> > Has anyone had a chance to review this new update to see if it now passes
> > muster for mainline inclusion?
> Unfortunately when the new driver is applied to a bonnie++ test
> results in the following endless spew:

Curious... I didn't encounter this phenomena, but then, my 0.75 TB
raid5 volume is practically empty...

For the development phase it would be most useful, if the driver
would be available in similar "this will compile for your currently
running kernel, or some other you care to name and have its config.h
files at hand" as e.g. Nvidia drivers are (except that arcmsr is
in "all source form", whereas NV has this magic object blob..)

Such would allow (at least for me) to have a wee bit faster cycle
with "pick vendor kernel, add this and that custom module"

I was apalled to learn that full cycle kernel compilation takes
_hours_ these days (Pentium-4 HT, 2.4 GHz, 2 GB memory -- and it
is about as slow as my first kernel compilation experience with
a 386/33MHz way back in ...)

> ...
> attempt to access beyond end of device
> sdb1: rw=0, want=134744080, limit=128002016
> ...
> I have emailed the details to Erich.
> Chris

/Matti Aarnio
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