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SubjectRe: [ANN] Squashfs 3.0 released

> >Can you try to benchmark it? I believe it is going to be lost in
> >noise, slow cpus or not.
> Good idea, I'll try to benchmark it (on a slow CPU if I can find one :-)
> ). It will probably make no difference.
> I don't want the lack of a fixed endianness on disk to become a problem.
> I personally don't think the use of, or lack of a fixed endianness to
> be that important, but I'd prefer not to change the current situation
> and adopt a fixed format. I use big endian systems almost exclusively,
> and I don't like the way fixed formats always tend to be little-endian.

Fix it to big-endian, then. Network protocols are big-endian, anyway,
and PCs tend to be so fast that byteswap will be lost in cache misses,

[Funny, it looks like all the big-endian machines are slow :-)))]

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