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SubjectRe: [PATCH 000/141] V4L/DVB updates part 1

Em Ter, 2006-03-21 às 08:26 -0800, Linus Torvalds escreveu:
> > In particular, commit e338b736f1aee59b757130ffdc778538b7db18d6 is crap,
> > crap, CRAP.
Sorry for the troubles. I didn't noticed anything here indicating
troubles, otherwise I would never asked you to pull it.

> Looking closer, the commit after that is a _real_ merge, and it looks like
> you did something strange when that at first conflicted in saa7134-dvb.c
> or something. I just don't even see _how_ you created that bogus non-merge
> commit. Are you using cogito? It has some problems with conflict
> resolution, I think. Real git should not even have allowed you to commit
> something that hadn't been resolved.

I'm using stgit. It allows me to export the patches from V4L/DVB
Mercurial tree, removing backward compatible code and correcting the
patches. Is it broken?

Maybe I'm using a bad procedure to keep my -git tree.

My current procedure is:
branch origin - Your tree replica
branch work - my stgit main tree
branch work-fixes - my stgit tree for bug fixes
branch master - patches to current kernel
branch devel - patches to next kernel

All patches are generated against work branch, with stgit.
Branch work-fixes receives patches by using:

stg pick <sha>@work

Before commiting to, I do:
at origin:
git pull linus_tree

at master:
git pull . origin
git pull . work-fixes

at devel:
git pull . origin
git pull . work

> Anyway, if you want to fix this up without re-doing _everything_, the way
> to do so is to just start a new branch, and cherry-pick the non-crap
> commits. So you can fix it up, largely automatedly, with git.
> I'm actually trying to do that right now, to see if I can re-create your
> tree without the errors.
I'll retrieve from your tree and I'll do a double check if something
were misapplied.

> Linus

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