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SubjectRe: [PATCHSET] block: fix PIO cache coherency bug
On Thu, 2006-03-02 at 20:30 +0000, Russell King wrote:
> Your understanding of the problem on ARM remains fundamentally flawed.
> I see no way to resolve this since you don't seem to listen or accept
> my reasoning.

You have advanced no reason for using flush_dcache_page() instead of
flush_kernel_dcache_page() except this:

> ISTR davem recommended flush_dcache_page() be used for this.

and this:

> 2. (this is my own) The cachetlb document specifies quite clearly
> what
> is required whenever a page cache page is written to - that is
> flush_dcache_page() is called. The situation when a driver uses
> quote clearly violates the requirements set out in that document.

Your problem, as you state:

> However, in the PIO case, there is the possibility that the data
> read
> from the device into the kernel mapping results in cache lines
> associated with the page. Moreover, if the cache is
> write-allocate,
> you _will_ have cache lines.
> Therefore, you have two completely differing system states
> depending
> on how the driver decided to transfer data from the device to the
> page
> cache.

It is my contention that flush_kernel_dcache_page() ejects the cache
lines that may be dirty in the kernel mapping and makes the underlying
memory coherent again. This is the same net effect as a DMA transfer
(data in memory but not in kernel cache).

> Therefore, message I'm getting from you is that we are not allowed to
> have an ARM system which can possibly work correctly with PIO.
> As a result, I have no further interest in trying to resolve this issue,
> period. ARM people will just have to accept that PIO mode IDE drivers
> just will not be an option.

Could you actually address the argument instead of getting all huffy?


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