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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] PCI legacy I/O port free driver (take4)
    Russell King wrote:
    > It's not really "I/O port resource allocation" though - the resources
    > have already been allocated and potentially programmed into the BARs
    > well before the driver gets anywhere near the device.
    > Are you implying that somehow resources are allocated at pci_enable_device
    > time? If so, shouldn't we be thinking of moving completely to that model
    > rather than having yet-another-pci-setup-model.

    Actually, that's has been the rule ever since the cardbus days:
    resources -- bars and irqs -- should not be considered allocated until
    after pci_enable_device().

    Documentation/pci.txt reflects this reality as well:

    > 3. Enabling and disabling devices
    > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    > Before you do anything with the device you've found, you need to enable
    > it by calling pci_enable_device() which enables I/O and memory regions of
    > the device, allocates an IRQ if necessary, assigns missing resources if
    > needed and wakes up the device if it was in suspended state. Please note
    > that this function can fail.

    Any PCI driver that presumes -anything- about resources before calling
    pci_enable_device() is buggy, and that's been the case for many years.
    Some platform-specific PCI drivers violate this with special knowledge,
    but overall that's the rule.



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