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SubjectRe: Idea: Automatic binary driver compiling system
On 3/19/06, Benjamin Bach <> wrote:
> Anyways, I'm very happy with the combination of intelligence and
> idealism on this list, and suddenly I feel more attracted to writing a
> driver instead. For my Rio Karma mp3 player. It's a USB thing.. should
> be do-able in 3 months even though I've never written a driver.

Writing a GPL'ed driver sounds like a great project.

For a USB device I'd suggest you take a look at libusb for writing a
userspace driver as opposed to a kernelspace one. Userspace drivers
for USB devices are often preferable.

Also take a look at a few documents in the Documentation/ dir in the
kernel source:

If you can get docs for the device (or are able to reverse engineer
it) and get a driver done, more power to you. :-)

> Cheers everybody, and thanks for sharing! =)
> / Benjamin
> Arjan van de Ven wrote:

Top-posting is generally frawned upon on the list as it's annoying and
makes threads hard to read. Please consider changing that habbit.

Jesper Juhl <>
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