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SubjectNew Areca driver in 2.6.16-rc6-mm2
On Sat, 18 Mar 2006, Andrew Morton wrote:

> SCSI fixes
> +areca-raid-linux-scsi-driver-update4.patch
> Update areca-raid-linux-scsi-driver.patch

Has anyone had a chance to review this new update to see if it now passes
muster for mainline inclusion?

As a owner of Areca hardware I sure appreciate the responsiveness and work
they have done in respects to Linux support. Thanks to Randy, Christoph,
Randy and others for their work as well!

Dax Kelson


From: Erich Chen <>

1- remove internal queueing
2- remove odd ioctls
3- remove useless forward prototypes
4- give types like ACB useful names
5- give variable useful names, especially follow kernel conventions,
e.g. a struct pci_dev is usually named pdev
6- kill ->proc_info method
7- use normal comment style even for comments not fitting into the
kernel-doc item above. kill useless separator comments without
8- convert arcmsr_show_firmware_info to useful one value per
file attributes.
9- convert arcmsr_show_driver_state to useful one value per
file attributes.
10- remove never called release method in the host template
11- remove shutdown notifier, add pci_driver ->shutdown method instead
12- remove CameCase PCI Ids. The vendor Id should go into pci_ids.h,
the device ids either removed or spelled the normal linux way
13- arcmsr_do_interrupt should stop walking the global host list
and use the private data passed to request_irq
14- the global host list go away completely
15- locking to be redone.
16- arcmsr_device_probe rewritten to do goto-based
error unwinding.
17- remove msi options
18- remove arcmsr_scsi_host_template_init
19- the hardware documentation move from arcmsr.h
into a separate file (Documentation/scsi/arcmsr_spec.txt)
20- remove the SCSISTAT_* defines
21- split arcmsr.c into arcmsr_attr.c from arcmsr_hba.c
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