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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 001/001] PCI: PCI quirk for Asus A8V and A8V Deluxe motherboards
    Jan-Benedict Glaw wrote:

    >> Thank you for contacting ASUS Customer Service.
    >> My name is ZYC, and I would be assisting you today.
    > Interesting name...

    Yeah, I have a link to the asus page where my case is handled, if you
    want. ;-)

    > Maybe the fix was running too late? There needs to be a PCI bus scan
    > afterwards... Test with a newer kernel version, hopefully not patched
    > to death...

    I tested with 2.6.16-rc6. The only patch (aside of this one) I applied was
    the libata patch as I need support for the PATA port on a Promise
    It doesn't work and nothing appears in the log (not even the text that it is
    still "hiding"). I'm starting to think that I missed some step. Is there
    something else needed aside of applying the patch as it is, recompile the
    kernel and install it?

    I touch the kernel code only seldom, usually I port a patch from one version
    to another, like the promise PATA patch to the SuSE kernel, but I don't
    really know the kernel internals.

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