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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 03/03] Unmapped: Add guarantee code
    On Sat, 2006-03-11 at 21:29 +0900, Magnus Damm wrote:

    > > > The memory controller in ckrm also breaks out the LRU, but puts one
    > > > LRU instance in each class. My code does not depend on ckrm, but it
    > > > should be possible to have some kind of resource control with this
    > >
    > > i do not understand how breaking lru lists into mapped/unmapped pages
    > > and providing a knob to control the proportion of mapped/unmapped pages
    > > in a node help in resource control.
    > It is one type of resource control. It is of course not a complete
    > solution like ckrm, but on machines with more than one node (or a
    > regular PC with numa emulation) it is possible to create partitions
    > using CPUSETS and then use this patch to control the amount of memory
    > that should be dedicated for say mapped pages on each node.
    > CKRM and CPUSETS are the ways to provide resource control today.
    > CPUSETS is coarse-grained, but CKRM aims for finer granularity. None
    > of them have a way to control the ratio between mapped and unmapped
    > pages, excluding this patch.

    Oh... different type of resource control ? Controlling _how_ a resource
    is used rather than _who_ uses the resource (which is what CKRM intends
    to provide).

    > I'd like to see CKRM merged, but I'm not the one calling the shots


    > (probably fortunate enough for everyone). I think CKRM has the same
    > properties as the ClockPRO work - it would be nice to have it included
    > in mainline, but these patches modify lots of crital code and
    > therefore has problems getting accepted that easily.
    > So this patch is YASSITRD. (Yet Another Small Step In The Right Direction)
    > Thank you!
    > / magnus
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