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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] ACPI: Atlas ACPI driver
    On 3/8/06, Yu, Luming <> wrote:
    > I suggest LCD support in hotkey.c like:
    > Config userspace acpi daemon to respond events by evoking
    > LCD._BCM with command:
    > echo -n xx > /sys/hotkey/brightness.

    A quick question here. I took a look at your patch adding hotkeylib. I
    see brightness_show/store callbacks and I think they end up calling
    write_acpi_int to do the actual method eval.

    So I assume my action_method has got to be "_BCM". I don't have a poll
    method but it looks like I'll need to put something in there since you
    check for it. Atlas has a _BCL. I guess I'll just use that.

    + if(!poll_handle || !poll_method || !action_handle || !action_method)
    + goto do_fail;

    From what I can tell, it looks like I have to use ACPILCD00 as my HID
    in this hotkey code. Right? So basically, it'd be something like:
    .ids = "ACPILCD00",
    .name = "brightness",
    .poll_method = "_BCL",
    .action_method = "_BCM",
    .min = 1,
    .max = 31,
    .id = 10001,

    So if I get that working, is that what you are saying is the right way
    to do brightness support for limited devices like Atlas? I guess it
    feels kind of odd to me because it's an LCD device rather than a
    hotkey device. But afaict it looks like doing that will work fine and
    have the added benefit of not creating any new /proc entries. So let
    me know if I understood you correctly.

    By the way, I just applied your sequence of patches from to my tree. You know,
    if it's okay with you, I'll post the full diff from below to your bug
    report so that the next person doesn't have to cherrypick.

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