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SubjectRe: 2.6.16-rc5: known regressions [TP 600X S3, vanilla DSDT]
[Re: bugme #5989, head no longer hanging in shame]

From: "Yu, Luming" <>
> I suggest you to retest, and post dmesg with UN-modified BIOS.

I'm now running/testing an unmodified DSDT with 2.6.16-rc5. For a while
I had no S3 hangs, but I just noticed them again. The error is the same
as with the modified DSDT (with slightly different offsets):

exregion-0185 [36] ex_system_memory_space: system_memory 0 (32 width) Address=0000000023FDFFC0
exregion-0185 [36] ex_system_memory_space: system_memory 1 (32 width) Address=0000000023FDFFC0
exregion-0290 [36] ex_system_io_space_han: system_iO 1 (8 width) Address=00000000000000B2

repeated endlessly.

I think the problem resurfaced once I decided to let my script
leave the thermal driver loaded before going into S3 (suspecting that
the bug might come back if I did that).

So I susect that my modified DSDT didn't cause the S3 problems, it
merely exposed one even in the minimal configuration discussed in the
#5989 report.

Which makes me wonder about another bug that disappeared when I switched
to the vanilla DSDT: While printing (via gs+hpijs to an HP photosmart
2710 via the wireless card), the system makes double-beeps as if it were
having the AC adapter plugged and unplugged. These noises happen when
printing via the wireless card or via USB (to a different HP inkjet),
but not when printing via the parallel port to a Lexmark laserprinter
(using just gs). Since I didn't do anything to the battery code in the
DSDT, I now wonder whether changing the DSDT merely exposed the issue
but didn't create it.

[From an earlier msg:]
> I think the truth is, for 5989, we need to fix thermal and processor
> driver issue.

I agree, although I think the processor driver is not the culprit. My
earlier testing with the (with the modified DSDT) worked fine with the
processor module loaded, but hung with processor + thermal loaded.


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