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SubjectFaster resuming of suspend technology.

As you might know, one of the key technology of fast booting is suspending.
actually, using suspending does fast booting. And very good point is
not only can do booting desktop and daemons, but apps at once.
but one big fault --- it is slow for a while after booted because of HDD thrashing.
(I mention a term suspend as generic one, not refering only to Nigel Cunningham's one)

One of the solution of thrashing issue is like this.
1. log disk access pattern after booted.
2. analyze the log and find common disk access pattern.
2. re-order a suspend image using the pattern.
3. read-aheading the image after booted.

so far is okay. this is common technique to reduce disk seek.

The problem of above way is, "Is there common access pattern?".
I guess there would be.
The reason is that even what user does is always different, but what pages
it needs has common pattern. For example, pages which contain glibc or gtk
libs are always used. So, reading ahead these pages is meaningful, I suppose.

What you think? Your opinion is very welcome.

--- Okajima, Jun. Tokyo, Japan.

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