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    SubjectRe: sysctls inside containers
    Kirill Korotaev <> writes:

    > After checking proposed yours, Eric and vserver solutions, I must say that these
    > all are hacks.
    > If we want to virtualize sysctl we need to do it in honest way:
    > multiple sysctl trees, which can be different in different namespaces.
    > For example, one namespace can see /proc/sys/net/route and the other one
    > not.

    At least a different copy of /proc/sys/net/route :)

    > Introducing helpers/handlers etc. doesn't fully solve the problem of
    > visibility of different parts of sysctl tree and it's access rights.

    I need to look a little deeper but I think if we add two helper
    functions: One that returns the address of a value based upon our state,
    and another that returns a subdirectory based upon our state I think we
    should be ok.

    Both of them taking a struct task_struct argument so we can make the decision
    what to show based upon the calling process.

    > Another example, the same network device can present in 2 namespaces and these
    > are dynamically(!) created entries in sysctl.
    > So we need to address actually 2 issues:
    > - ability to limit parts of sysctl tree visibility to namespace
    > - ability to limit/change sysctl access rights in namespace
    > You can check OpenVZ for cloning sysctl tree code. It is not clean, nor elegant,
    > but can be cleanuped.

    Sounds like a decent idea.

    What I have found so far with access rights is that if you dig deep enough
    you don't need magic to make it safe. But this may only be because I have
    not hit something that is fundamentally different.

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