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SubjectRe: + proc-dont-lock-task_structs-indefinitely-cpuset-fix-2.patch added to -mm tree
Paul Jackson <> wrote:
> > I am seeing as a separate bug the crash during boot that I reported
> > last, when I turned on some DEBUG options.
> I have narrowed it down to between the following two patches
> in *-mm (patch numbers 20 and 90 in 2.6.16-rc5-mm1, roughly):

I hope that machine doesn't take too long to boot.

> multiple-exports-of-strpbrk.patch == ok
> git-drm.patch == bad

That would point at either the sysfs changes in gregkh-driver-* or acpi.
There have been no changes in the acpi patch in a couple of weeks. Did
that machine run rc4-mm2?

> ip is at sysfs_create_group+0x30/0x2a0

It does have a sysfsy feel. But I don't immediately see how any of the
patches in the driver tree can affect this.
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